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Voices Bazaar is a leading sonic branding agency, specializing in audio branding, sound engineering, music composition, and much more. We know the way to the user's heart is through the ears.

How We Do It?

Driven by the power of audio's sound & soul, we help brands boost their identity by making excellent & engaging sound experiences for end users. Voices Bazaar, India's #1 Premium Audio Agency, understands how impactful a role the sound plays in branding. We are market leaders in creating audio advertising and we can help you to:

Stand out from the crowd.

Boost your brand presence.

Create a meaningful and strong connection with your end users.

Increase revenue through sales.

Significance of Sonic Identity

Sound holds a special place in shaping user experience today. And sonic identity or audio branding is like audible DNA of your brand. It includes everything from signature melody to sound effects to the voice-over style and overall soundscape used in your marketing materials. A well-crafted sonic identity goes beyond just being catchy; it evokes emotions, builds brand recognition, and creates a lasting impression.

Sonic Identity offers a powerful way to cut through the noise and connect with audiences on a deeper level. Studies have shown that sound has a profound impact on human emotions and memory, making it a potent tool for brand recall and engagement.

The effectiveness of Sonic Identity is evident in the success of top brands that have embraced it wholeheartedly. Like Netflix, the streaming giant has created a unique sonic identity characterized by its iconic "ta-dum" sound, which plays at the beginning of every original content release. This simple yet memorable audio cue instantly signals to viewers that they are about to embark on a Netflix experience, strengthening brand loyalty and building anticipation.

Similarly, Intel's five-note jingle is synonymous with the brand and instantly evokes feelings of innovation and reliability. By consistently incorporating this sonic cue into their marketing campaigns and product launches, Intel has successfully embedded its brand identity into the minds of consumers worldwide. There are many more live examples like these.

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Since its establishment, Voices Bazaar has provided its mixing and mastering services to top brands across India and beyond.

What We Offer

We at Voices Bazaar believe that music has the power changes how people feel, behave and think. We don't just create sounds, we create sonic experiences. Our team holds the expertise in:

Sonic/Audio Branding





And Much More!

Give an Exceptional Sound Experience

Are you ready to offer an outstanding sound experience to your end users? If Yes! Then, contact us today. Together, we can create a dynamic soundtrack which will help you deliver your message effectively & get the perfect balance between image, sound and emotions.

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With years of expertise, Voices Bazaar holds a track record of working with the top market giants & completed audio project for Amazon, Panasonic, Motorola, and many others

Let Voices Bazaar be your guide on this journey of sound exploration!

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