Jingles & Background Music

Adding a bit of flair to every project, that's how we do it at VoicesBazaar.com

Indian Music Composition

Jingles *

Mahindra Jeeto

Dainik Bhaskar

Tata Tea Gold

Indian Ethnic Music

Tata Tea Gold *

Tata Tea Gold - West Bengal

Tata Tea Gold - Tamil Nadu

Tata Tea Gold - Tamil Nadu (2)

Tata Tea Gold - AP & Telangana

Tata Tea Gold - Bihar

Client: Tata Tea | Agency: Tree Design | Music Composition and Production: VoicesBazaar.com

Music for Tech

Adobe *

Adobe RoboHelp

Adobe FrameMaker

Adobe DITA

Client: Adobe | Agency: 21 North 71 East | Music Composition and Production: VoicesBazaar.com

Music for Animations

The Marigold Mystery

Biplob on Littering

Rainwater Harvesting

Dudu aur Dodo Promo

Tramp Short Film

Jolly Rancher Triple Pop - Fun at the Beach

Jolly Rancher Triple Pop - Let’s Play Cricket

Raps & Corporate Anthems

Clavam Lions 




Stock Music Consultation

AU Small Finance Bank - Altura

New Balance

Tata Tea Book

Radio Ads

Panasonic Radio Ad Campaign *

DJ Console 


Client: Panasonic | Agency: Leo Burnett | Audio Production House: VoicesBazaar.com

Royal Touch Radio Ad Campaign #


Kitchen Pravesh 




Naya Pyaar 

Client: Royal Touch | Agency: Lowe Lintas | Audio Production House: VoicesBazaar.com

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