Sound & Music Production for Games and VR

At Voices Bazaar, we understand that music and sound design are essential elements that make a video game impactful and outstanding. Being India's #1 Premium Audio Agency, we specialize in creating immersive audio experiences that elevate your brand presence across various platforms.

How We Do It?

1. Creative Strategies : Being India's #1 premium audio agency, we firmly believe that laying solid strategic and creative groundwork is essential to achieving success in video game & VR projects. To ensure we start on the right foot, we kick off with consultations that form the foundation of our collaboration. These initial discussions delve deep into your project's complexities, allowing us to get your objectives, establish a clear direction, and know your preferences. By actively involving you in this initial phase, we align our creative vision with your expectations, to make sure the outcome reflects your vision for the project. With open communication and a collaborative mindset, we establish a strong partnership that sets the stage for a unique and tailored sonic experience in your video games & VR projects.

2. Sound Design : We go the extra mile to make the audio go beyond the standards, exceeding expectations and providing an excellent audio experience to gamers. No matter, whether your project requires the crafting of an entirely fresh & captivating soundscape for a futuristic sci-fi journey or a complicatedly created audio canvas that takes the listeners away to another world, we possess the full capabilities to fulfill your requirements across all genres.

3. Music Composition : Being a leading audio agency, Voices Bazaar understands the role of music in video game & VR production. Music helps to convey the emotions, & bringing life to the characters & the game itself. Everything from melodies to rhythms plays an essential role in connecting players with the game. Our team can help you set the tone & take players to another world.

4. Implementation : While excellent sound effects, engaging music, and top-notch voice performances are key elements of a high-quality project, skillful implementation and blending of these components are essential to achieving outstanding results. Our team offers comprehensive support for implementing sound in games of all types and scales. With advanced proficiency in top-notch tools, our sound designers manage the entire audio process, from designing content to implementing, mixing, and testing.

Our Wide Range of Services

• Mixing & Mastering : Each member of the Voices Bazaar team holds years of experience working in the music industry. These sound engineers stay updated with the latest trends & requirements of the music industry. They know how to make your audio a masterpiece. Our team will work hard to make your audio sound perfect.

2. Different Genres : With years of expertise, the Voices Bazaar team has worked on the music of various styles and genres, and knows the difference between each and what sounds match with them. From traditional to contemporary, and more, we know how to bring out the best music tone.

3. Free revisions : Once you receive the mix or mastered song you've requested, if you desire any adjustments to align with your vision, simply inform us and our skilled sound engineer will tailor it accordingly. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

4. Unmatched Quality : With a commitment to excellence and a passion for audio, Voices Bazaar delivers unparalleled quality and craftsmanship in every project we undertake. We strive to exceed your expectations and deliver results that elevate your brand and engage your audience.

Explore Our Client's Portfolio

Since its establishment, Voices Bazaar has provided its mixing and mastering services to top brands across India and beyond.

Our Wide Range of Services

• Mixing & Mastering : We offer exceptional mixing and mastering services to create the perfect blend of music for your audio. Whether it is creating a single or multiple audio channel, our results speak volumes.

• Sound Engineering : Our team of experienced sound engineers works hard to make everything perfect from voice-overs to the music tracks, so you can have your peace of mind.

• Music Composition : Creating music is a blend of both science and artistry, and we thrive on crafting the perfect mix to resonate with your audience. Our team comprises a diverse group of musicians, each with their expertise spanning from local to global genres.

• Content Localization : As the demand for regional content continues to rise, subtitles alone may not suffice. That's why we offer translation and voice-over services in a variety of local and international languages, ensuring that language is never a barrier for your audience.

• Sonic/Audio Branding : In today's highly competitive world, every brand wants to stand out and make an immersive impact on the end users, and we are here to help get the spotlight with our sonic/audio branding services. From creating Mogos to the soundscapes, we have the expertise to do it all.

Get in Touch & Sound Good!

At Voices Bazaar, we are passionate about helping game developers and VR content creators to offer exceptional sound experiences. No matter, whether you want to enhance the immersion of your VR experiences, or create original music for your game, we have the right team & resources to make it happen.

Reach out to us now & see how we improve your sound experiences!


As an AR-VR company, we're always trying to find ways to make our content more realistic. That's when Samarth approached us regarding having professional voice over artists to voice our content. We've never looked back since!

- Mr. Krupalu Mehta, Founder at Parallax Labs

Great partner to coordinate with for all your voice over recording needs. They put in that extra effort to ensure that each and every project is worth its money. We have found them to be good at their work and creative in their insights. We strongly recommend them.

- Mr. Anil Nair, Branding at B2B Brand Solutions

We had a promo video which required a voiceover and Samarth not only managed to find us a voice which suited the video perfectly but also assisted us with the music part. Overall it was a very seamless and pleasant experience working with him. Best wishes to Samarth and the DeciLabs team.

- Mr. Peter Abraham, Director at Gutshot Magazine

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