Recording Yourself: The Necessary Road To Perfecting Yourself as a Voiceover Artist. | Voices Bazaar

Recording Yourself: The Necessary Road To Perfecting Yourself as a Voiceover Artist. | Voices Bazaar

##Practice your vocal warm-ups It goes without saying that there's a lot more to just simply reading lines when it comes to voice acting. You have to emote the key emotions of the script to deliver a great performance, you must have clear diction and not mumble. You can warm up and stretch your vocal cords before a read so that you feel much more prepared and confident. Now there are various techniques for you to follow vocal exercises and it can be so much more beneficial as it works wonders in making your voice feel more relaxed. You can start with some breathing exercises since breathing properly produces a stronger voice with better projection.

Speaking with a fuller breath will allow you to feel confident and physically more comfortable, give your message more energy and you'll speak with vibrant vocal tone quality. The other thing to remember with the breath is that sometimes breathing puts the emotions across for you. You can also add in some tongue twisters as well since it helps in improving articulation and enunciation. The key here is to get as much practice as possible and what you can do is, you can just google a few voiceover scripts to read and record yourself on your mobile so that you become more accustomed to your voice, doing it as often as possible. You can then listen and observe what you need to work on. Often, listening to yourself you will understand the tiny nuances that could've been picked on better. Even better, try it with different tones and styles and then listen to yourself. This exercise will certainly help you to keep track of your progress and will help you in improving your voice, overall. You really need to dedicate time and effort when practicing and you also need to practice reading aloud to make yourself comfortable. I mean, the more versatile you are, the more opportunities you’ll get.

##Bring Out The Emotions A voice artist needs to bring across emotions through speech and sometimes there will be scripts where you have to instantly connect with certain emotions or you may need to change between multiple emotional stages while recording. I think it's important that you continue exercising your creativity and reading skills with every emotion. You can read angry, read with a hint of sadness or just go wild with it. By doing this, your ability to navigate through scripts that require you to connect with each unique emotion will come easily. You'll be able to deeply connect to the emotional core of the texts and feel the emotions. And once you learn the techniques you'll be able to become more mindful and emotionally aware while performing.

##Review your voice recordings Now that you've finished exercising your voice and you've taken the time to ensure that you are connected to the words you're speaking, you can move on to reviewing what you have recorded. This helps you identify if you've made any mispronunciations while speaking. If needed, record yourself several times until you get it right and make sure to add the best takes into your portfolio. Afterall, the more the samples, the better.

Written by: Priyanka Laishram, Edited by: Dylin Gomes (

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