Mastercard's foray into Web3 and Sonic Identity

Mastercard's foray into Web3 and Sonic Identity

Mastercard's Web3 Initiatives and Sonic Branding

This year, Mastercard embarked on an exciting journey into the world of Web3 with the launch of the Mastercard Artist Accelerator in April, a program designed to support emerging artists. The results have been promising, and Raja Rajamannar, Mastercard’s Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, shared insights into the company's initiatives.

Web3 and NFTs

  • The Artist Accelerator program, built on the Polygon blockchain, featured global artists who livestreamed shows and introduced AI-driven singles.
  • Almost 100,000 music artists leveraged the platform for access to free educational resources, generative AI music creation, and NFT minting.
  • Approximately 5,000 participants learned the art of minting NFT music tracks and using NFTs to foster deeper connections with their fans.
  • Mastercard's focus is on ensuring NFTs offer compelling utility for their users.

Impact on Artists

  • The program had a significant impact on artists, with five selected artists experiencing a 73,000 increase in their fan following on platforms like Spotify.

Sonic Branding

Mastercard's venture into Web3 and sonic branding has its roots in the need to capture and retain people's attention in a world bombarded with an overwhelming visual onslaught of daily advertising messages.

  • In 2019, Mastercard introduced its unique sonic brand identity, featuring a distinctive 1.3-second melody accompanying every successful Mastercard transaction.
  • Given Mastercard's high transaction volume (averaging 33 billion transactions per quarter over the past year), their sonic branding has reached a global audience.
  • Mastercard proudly holds the title of the world's number one audio brand, according to the Best Audio Brands Index.
  • Sonic branding offers a powerful means for brands to establish a consistent identity and capture attention in a world oversaturated with visual content.

Raja Rajamannar emphasizes the importance of considering audio branding as a means to stand out and break through the noise in the advertising landscape.

Source: AdWeek

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