Making Money as a Budding Voiceover Artist | Voices Bazaar

Making Money as a Budding Voiceover Artist | Voices Bazaar

Once you have acquired the relevant skills and have a decent portfolio to your merit, you're already on your way to be a successful voiceover artist, all you now have to do is market yourself to individuals and companies who might require your service.

There's one golden word here: 'Networking'.

You need to start networking with people to get your name out there and it will help you create awareness outside of your circle, by now people in your network already know you as someone who does voiceovers. So it's now time for making authentic connections with people across industries, whether it's entertainment, e-learning, corporate marketing, dubbing networks and even some non-media avenues.

You can use social media platforms to engage and interact with your newfound network building relationships with other voice actors along the way.

Instagram - An amazing platform to showcase short-length content, if you consistently put out some fun and quirky work, someone is bound to take notice and eventually convert to some possible leads.

LinkedIn - This professional networking site is a favorite among budding voice artists and professional voice-over artists, with almost every business actively using the platform in India, jobs are easy to come by and can often result in continuous work.

Not being too brutal, but we need to remember that it's the wild wild World out there and competition is stiff, which is why you have to consistently give auditions to help you get more opportunities, it's just the way the talent industry works. Set a daily or weekly goal of how many gigs you want to apply for, especially when you're just getting started. You can look for jobs for open casting auditions on your social media feeds or you simply signup as a voice artist on websites like Now, freelance websites like Fiverr & UpWork are great platforms for finding some quick turnaround gigs while also providing you with freedom and flexibility for working remotely.

Now, while you showcase your talent across social media and land a few commercial gigs, one thing to definitely keep in mind is pricing - It is fairly easy to get carried away by internet posts about VO artists being paid a fortune for a minute of work, but the reality is that you won't always start off like that, you might just need to take on gigs with shoestring budgets and build your way up to bigger ones as your networking begins to bear fruit. The key here is to be flexible - Don't look at how much a gig pays to agree or disagree, do it as a means of adding another asset to your portfolio and this can-do attitude will take you places you never imagined.

Written by: Priyanka Laishram, Edited by: Dylin Gomes (

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