Here are 7 YouTube Channels to Follow As a Voice-over Artist | Voices Bazaar

Here are 7 YouTube Channels to Follow As a Voice-over Artist | Voices Bazaar

Whether you’re a budding voiceover artist, a professional one or just feel passionately about voice-overs and keeping up with the industry in general. These seven YouTube Channels are worth a Like and Subscribe!

  1. The Motor Mouth A super fun channel to follow, providing you with an insight into the life of a very successful voice-over artist based out of Mumbai. Sonal posts vlogs regularly and this channel is definitely a must-follow for everyone.

  2. Sanket Mhatre Official Sanket is a crowd favorite, with some really great content on his IG handle @sanketmhatreofficial, but also shares some tips and tricks along with some motivational content on his Youtube feed.

  3. Talent Tadka Presented by Mr. Yogesh Rokde, this channel provides viewers with an insight to the people behind the mic of many popular hindi shows. While also providing valuable information, knowledge and reviews.

  4. A VO’s Journey A really great channel, with some very informative content. Presented by Mr. Anthony Pica, a VO artist and vocal coach based out of the USA, this channel has been gaining popularity among the voice artists for its fun to watch and informative content on voice-overs.

  5. Gift of GAB A super informative channel, aimed at providing as much information about the voiceover industry as possible to new voiceover artists as well as seasoned ones. Covers complex as well as simple topics. A must-follow for sure!

  6. Voiceover MasterClass An informative channel made specifically for voiceover artists, Mr. Peter Baker covers everything you need to knot to become a better voice actor than you already are. A super-informative channel to follow, for sure.

  7. Voice Acting 101 A great channel answering the most pressing questions of many voice-over artists. With professionally made content, this channel is worth a watch.

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