Brahmastra - The epic and the sound behind it | Voices Bazaar

Brahmastra - The epic and the sound behind it | Voices Bazaar

After the initial anticipation of whether the film would manage to rake up the 410 crores spent, Brahmastra is headed for astronomical figures, with a Rs 175 crore first week, and a collection of over Rs 300 crores until now. So what's all the hype about? Let's find out.

After dedicating a decade to his film, we think it's fair to say that Ayan Mukerji didn't disappoint. With a seamless fusion of sci-fi & Hindu mythology, the storyline was pretty top-notch honestly; though we've heard a few 'It's another one of those Bollywood love stories' comments, but hey! We think it's a fun watch indeed, especially the 'Jodi', who looked absolutely stellar on-screen.

But, that's not what we're really pumped about honestly, it's the work that's actually gone into making the movie what it is, that is absolutely mesmerizing. For starters, the scale of the film is pretty far up there, even by Dharma standards, complete with the larger-than-life giant sets and all.

The VFX is top-notch, a real visual treat for sure (Seriously, trust us). If you decide to go watch it at a theatre (which you should) you will not be disappointed. From watching Shiva play with fire to experiencing the wrath of superpowers, first-hand, it's the whole package.

But, let's take a step back, yes it was fun to watch and yes it was Bollywood at its VFX-best. But, do you know what really takes the cake? What makes a sci-fi flick a really good sci-fi flick? It's SFX and Audio. Being Bollywood and Dharma and all, of course even a sci-fi flick needed to have a couple of songs, but needless to say, Mr. Pritam and his team have lived up to their legacy of creating distinguishingly-catchy music, and Arijit Singh singing these masterpieces is a cherry on the cake. Deva Deva, we can't get Kesariya off our playlists yet.

The original score for the movie was created by Pritam and his team, namely the orchestral maestro Tanuj Tiku, the go-to Bollywood composer and producer along with Prasad Sashte, Jim Satya, Meghdeep Bose, Ketan Sodha, Sunny M.R and the award-winning percussionist Taufiq Qureshi. The sound designing duties were handled by the multi-bagger, Biswadeep Chatterjee, and his team, who transported us to another dimension, bringing the movie to life.

All-in-all it's credit where it's due. We've read a few reviews about the movie, but not a lot of them highlight the sounds that brought the film alive. And as much as we agree that the VFX was mind-blowing, to say the least, we're damn certain it holds no value without audio to match. And if you haven't already watched it, you will be sure to agree that as much as the film is a visual treat to watch, it's an equally amazing sonic treat to hear.

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