A 'Must Do' For Every Professional Voice Over Artist | Voices Bazaar

A 'Must Do' For Every Professional Voice Over Artist | Voices Bazaar

As a professional voice-over artist, audio output quality is everything. It's partly what defines you as a professional, apart from your ability to perform your work, of course. For this purpose, you have to keep in mind that your work must reflect the highest quality possible, thus professionally recorded and edited audio that you can send out to your client is a big plus.

Whether you've got a home studio to record or have recorded at a nearby studio, a well-edited whole-sounding audio asset is a must-have. For this there are two things that matter:

Hardware - A great recording environment with a professional setup is unparalleled, the hardware in professional microphones is able to pick up more of the mids and lows, that other low-quality microphones aren't able to. Thus, giving you a great-sounding audio asset. Of course, it goes without saying that a great sound-treated recording environment goes a long way too.

Software - While the hardware is taking care of the quality of audio, there are often times the software can enhance it even further. Be it adding effects, taking out certain background noise or even making you sound a certain way!

If you do not have the technical knowledge, to handle the software bit or don’t know the know-how of all the equipment required to record, perhaps hiring a professional sound engineer on a freelance basis will help kick-start your career immediately. Hiring a professional will not only allow you to sound better, will will also give you a time benefit equating to you taking on more work.

The placement of the mic at a correct position and distance from your mouth will also help in recording high-quality sound as it gives a clear, focused audio quality. (Keep a distance of somewhere between a fist's width and a hand span away). Check out some tips, shared by voices.com

Remember, recording high-quality sound is quite an easy task once you’ve figured out the basics of the science that goes into voiceover recording. So, whether you hire or set up a studio, it should meet the highest quality standards required to support and start your voiceover journey.

Written by: Priyanka Laishram, Edited by: Dylin Gomes (www.voicesbazaar.com)

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